Basic Shapes

Operating a world away from the fashion treadmill, the Paris-based lifestyle label CristaSeya embrace an edition-based approach — one that proves simplicity and longevity can be a creative apex.

By Alison Kubler MAY 2016

The world of art and fashion is a topsy turvy place. At the time of writing Kanye West (who just dropped his Yeezy Season 3 collection and new album at the same time in a show at Madison Square Garden) and Richard Prince are calling each other out on Twitter about who owns Instagram, while Givenchy designer Riccardo Tisci has directed Naomi Campbell in a film clip for Anthony Hegarty and Cindy Sherman has done four different covers for Harpers Bazaar US playing the role of a street style fashionista. This is evidence that the formal boundaries between art and fashion have all but dissolved; the two creative enterprises are officially on par it seems in terms of relevance and cultural capital. The status quo has well and truly been disrupted, and the axis of influence, for what it’s worth, has shifted. Who has triumphed is less clear. These are turbulent times.

Fashion week has just wrapped up in New York, London, Paris and Milan and the debate still rages about how to fix the fashion system, which would suggest it is broken? Certainly it seems unsustainable as it stands now with as many as six seasons. Major brands such as Burberry and Tom Ford are looking to reduce the runway to retailer delay and make product available the day after showing, a move no doubt prompted by falling sales across the board but also by consumer demand. Social media allows ‘access’ to products immediately that can only be purchased some months down the line, when desire has waned. It seems a logical argument, to give the consumer... Subscribe to read this article in full

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