Introducing the $27,000 Golden Phoenix cupcake

The Goldern Phoenix cupcake available only at Bloomsbury in Dubai

Acknowledged as a global capital of excess, Dubai never fails to astonish by continually churning out ever more elaborate examples of the tallest, the glitziest and the priciest. Yet this city of more-than-conspicuous consumption may have trumped even itself with the creation of the $27,000 Golden Phoenix cupcake. The brainchild of Shafeena Yusuff Ali—CEO of couture bakery Bloomsbury’s in The Dubai Mall, which aims to bring London’s quality confections to the UAE—the delicacy was designed to be entirely edible (something other outrageously expensive cupcakes encrusted with, for example, diamonds could not achieve). Thus the premium Ugandan vanilla beans and cocoa, Italian organic flour and, of course, the many sheets of 23-carat gold wrapping the cake. Any potential buyer—none have stepped up so far—should be given two caveats, however: The Golden Phoenix can take up to 48 hours to prepare and, more distressingly, must be eaten in 15 minutes or its chocolate will melt, causing the gold flakes to peel and altering the flavor profile. Still, at $1,800 a minute, it’s a relative bargain—for Dubai.



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  1. It is a novel idea indeed . . . would definitely like to taste:):)

    Vineeta Nathan Jul 15 / 2:26 pm

  2. I’m astounded at it’s beauty and astounded at it’s price. food for thought

    Michelle Jan 15 / 6:03 pm