Berndnaut Smilde Clouds

To make a gathering truly memorable, conjure up an indoor storm. No, not one that arises from jealousies and rivalries—we mean an actual weather-inspired art piece. For the last two years, Amsterdam artist Berndnaut Smilde has been manipulating the atmospheric conditions inside a variety of stripped-down yet evocative rooms, then shooting a puff of smoke from a fog machine to create such works as Nimbus and Cumulus. Because the pieces evaporate quickly, the art is documented through a series of photographs, some of which are seen here. “You could see the cloud as a sign of misfortune. You could also read it as an element out of the Dutch landscape paintings,” Smilde said. However one interprets it, this is one cloud that—for a few lucky viewers—has a definite silver lining.

Below is an Italian feature on Smilde and his clouds, titled “The Man Who Created Clouds”.

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  1. Great idea for a party…. Does this work with a room full of people?

    Vault Jun 18 / 3:17 pm