The Top “Emerging Destinations” for 2013

Golden Rock, one of the most sacred buddhist stupa, Kyaiktiyo Pagoda, Myanmar.

Leading online tourism site TravelAge West has published a list of next year’s most buzzed-about “emerging destinations.” The choices were compiled by Cox & Kings, the English firm founded in 1758, making it the world’s longest operating travel company—which means they should know.

From TravelAge West:

Top Destination Picks for 2013
: Cox & Kings’ picks for emerging destinations in 2013 are based on a place’s unexpected offerings—the element of surprise that these countries and cities bring to the table: Myanmar, for its incredible cultural history and low level of Westernization; India, for the Maha Kumbh Mela Festival taking place in early 2013, one of the largest holy gatherings on Earth; Southern India and Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bhutan, for new perspectives on the sub-continent; the Baltic states Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia—formerly of the Soviet Union—boast incredible medieval architecture; Colombia, a diamond in the rough, home to some great South American adventure, culture and food; and Botswana, its Okavango Delta remarkable for being Africa’s “last wilderness.”

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