The Icon A5: Perfect for Island Living (Starts at $139,000)

For all those aspiring pilots who have been hesitant to pursue their passion because of the cost and time it takes to acquire a license, there’s now a reason to take flight: The Icon A5, a new category of sports aircraft, requires only a license that can be obtained for half the cost and training time of a regular certificate, making recreational flying easily accessible for all. The design of the A5 places an emphasis on ease of operation, affordability and lightweight composition, elements that will satisfy those seeking the thrill of adventure. An amphibious aircraft, the A5 it is able to touch down on either water or land, and with a lightweight, carbon-fiber frame, it can carry passengers up to speeds of 120 MPH and heights up to 15,000 feet. The two-seat cockpit provides the comfort of a luxury vehicle, while a bubble-shaped wrap around the canopy allows for high-visibility enjoyment. In addition, a GPS map keeps the pilot aware of terrain, roads, airspace and weather, and an MP3 port and sliding windows offer passengers a customized experience. When the adventure is over, the high-performance wings can be conveniently folded down, making the 22-foot plane easy to store and transport. Perfect for weekend getaways or island living, the Icon A5 sports aircraft begins at $139,000 and is available for purchase at