Novak Djokovic Has Cornered the Market on Donkey Cheese


Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic, who currently holds the world’s number-one ranking, is stirring up an unusual buzz in the culinary world. Djokovic has purchased the globe’s entire supply of donkey cheese for his Novak Cafe and Restaurant, a brand with locations across his native country. A luxury that is priced at about £1,000 per kilogram, the white, crumbly cheese, otherwise known as pule, has been called a richer version of the Spanish Manchego. Balkan donkeys located on a farm west of Belgrade are hand-milked three times a day to produce 25 liters, which then results in one kilogram of cheese (hence the item’s scarcity). Rich in omegas, this European delicacy may provide the key to a legendary backhand.

Donkey cheeses

Donkey cheese