Abel Barroso’s Playful Show at Miami’s Pan American Art Projects

Pan American Art Projects owner Roberto Borlenghi and director Janda Wetherington with artist Abel Barroso.

The satirical work of Cuban artist Abel Barroso is currently being showcased in a new exhibition at Miami’s Pan American Art Projects. “A Country, An Illusion (Un Pais, Una Ilusión)” features pieces dealing with the themes of borders, geography and emigration, all filtered through the artist’s signature wry sensibility. The centerpiece work, The Emigrant’s Pinball Machine (Pinball del Emigrante), is composed of seven interactive games, each offering the hope of entry into a glamorous capitalist city, symbolized by a row of skyscrapers. These wooden creations—eschewing the colors, lights and sounds of traditional pinball machines—depict various methods of getting there, but the illusory nature of the quest is evident. Another piece, My Home Is Your Home (Mi Casa Es tu Casa), depicts geographical freedom as a literal birdhouse displaying various continents; as birds enter one opening and leave through another, they are the ultimate travelers, symbolizing the often arbitrary nature of international migration. Other works conjure themes from global passports to blended nationalities, synthesizing through humor a sharp commentary on identity, geography and perspective. The exhibition is on view at the Wynwood gallery through January 5th, 2013.




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  1. We have been following Abels career ever since we met him in Cuba over 10 years ago and purchased a “computador” from him. Ever more complex and mind provoking his work deserves all the world wide recognition he has received. Congratulations. We plan to visit the gallery during Art Basel Miami.

    Shirley & Frank Piku -- Waterford, Michigan Nov 17 / 3:12 am