Glimpt’s New Superheroes Collection at Cappellini

A trip to Vietnam inspired the red-hot Swedish design duo Glimpt to create their new collection, Superheroes, for the chic Italian firm Cappellini. The team was particularly taken with the country’s ages-old tradition of rolling paper thread around sea grass to fashion large bowls; for their family of seating units (one large stool can double as a table), Glimpt similarly rolled colorful threads around metal skeletons. And with the collaboration of Swedish illustrator Malin Koort, who consulted on the patterns, Glimpt has infused their Superheroes collection with a cross-cultural sensibility that makes it an eye-catching addition to the living area. Small stool, $501, large stool, $1,009, and armchair, $1,519.  Available in August at Poltrona Frau, Miami, and Cappellini showrooms in Los Angeles and New York.