The New Hermès Scarf Designed By Hiroshi Sugimoto

Couleurs de l’ombre Exhibition at Basel, Switzerland

Iconic French fashion house Hermès has collaborated with Japanese artist  Hiroshi Sugimoto to create the Couleurs de l’ombre collection, the third edition in its Hermès Editeur line. Artistic director Pierre-Alexis Dumas personally chose 20 of Sugimoto’s Polaroid photographs to print as limited-edition scarves. Debuting during last month’s Art Basel, the collection is based on the artist’s love of color, inspired by Sir Issac Newton’s Optiks and Goethe’s Zur Farbenlehre (Theory of Colours).

Hiroshi Sugimoto with Hermès scarf

Sugimoto uses his camera in various ways to capture the raw, untouched aspects of life, and works to preserve time. Whether the photograph is of something natural and reoccurring, such as Lightning (2008), in which Sugimoto closely observes the effects of electrical discharges on photography, or much more astoundingly bold like the series of photographs he took at the now closed Chamber of Horrors in London (1994), in which he questions, “Must we moderns be so sheltered from death?” Sugimoto’s eerie creations often shade life in a contrast of blacks, whites and grays. Seascapes, an ongoing series, simply displays the beginnings of life: water and air. Sugimoto draws inspiration from surrealism, dada and the works of French artist Marcel Duchamp, all of which serve to conceptualize his idea of life and death. In his new exhibit, “Couleurs de l’ombre,” Sugimoto used a Polaroid camera to photograph the brilliant color schemes created from light passing through prisms, breaking free from his usually somber color palette. The photographer wanted to abolish the idea that there are only seven colors, posing the question, “Why must science always cut up the whole into little pieces when it identifies specific attributes?” After ten years of working on the project, Sugimoto will also display the work at an exhibition premiering September 9th at La Verrière in Brussels.

Photographs courtesy of Hermès website.

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