Louis Vuitton Celebrates Stephen Sprouse

Fashion designer and artist Stephen Sprouse achieved critical acclaim and success in the early ’80’s for his bright, ’60s-inspired fashions. Although his career went through some rough patches, including a 1985 bankruptcy, he achieved a tremendous comeback in 2001, collaborating with Louis Vuitton designer Marc Jacobs on the celebrated graffiti logo bags. This season, the house is again using Sprouse’s prints, and to honor and celebrate his unique post-punk, pre-grunge look (the designer died in 2004), Vuitton commissioned director Anita Fontaine to create a film showcasing the current collections, all accompanied by Sprouse leopard accessories. The film highlights the artist’s avant-garde vision by using techniques such as photocopying, TV static, VHS footage and painting on existing images, all elements that were central to Sprouse’s creative process.