Kusama Collection for Louis Vuitton

Madness and art have often been portrayed as co-dependent concepts, with some believing that one—genius-level creativity—cannot exist without the other. And in the case of Yayoi Kusama, the artist behind Louis Vuitton’s latest collaboration, the theory is spot-on. For years, the Japanese Kusama, now 83, has splashed her canvases and sculptures with polka dots, a compulsion that led to her voluntary institutionalization for 35 years. Mad genius Marc Jacobs found it difficult to resist Kusama’s whimsical pattern obsession, and tapped her for Louis Vuitton’s legendary Monogram collection, previously (and quite successfully) revamped by Stephen Sprouse and Takashi Murakami. With every piece a collector’s item, fashion enthusiasts can expect to reach deep into their crocodile wallets for a coveted item, while those looking for extra visual stimulation can visit New York’s Whitney Museum, where a Kusama retrospective begins on July 12th. Enamel bangles, $445, peep-toe flats, $1,030, and tote bag, price upon request, by Louis Vuitton. All items available at Louis Vuitton boutiques nationwide.