Peugeot and Pleyel Create a Piano for the 21st Century

A collaboration between Peugeot Design Lab and French piano manufacturer Pleyel et Cie, this revolutionary baby grand reflects the visionary elements of automotive futurism. The streamlined design lowers the mechanics of the piano by aligning the keyboard with the cover, which allows the pianist an immediate and precise sound and gives the audience a clear vision of the player’s fingers from virtually any elevation point. While the piano retains Pleyel’s traditional black lacquer finish, the architectural design has been modified to create a never-before-seen feature: a lid that is operated by system levers and requires no stick to prop open. This—as well as the cantilevered leg, which creates a levitation effect—is made of carbon fiber to foster sound reverberation, whereas the body and soundboard are crafted from wood, the most responsive element to tone. Currently on display at the Paris Automotive Show until October 14th, the piano will be available for sale in the near future.