Brazil: Mistral’s Innovative Showcase for Wine and Champagne


The Brazilian wine and champagne distributor Mistral recently commissioned Studio Arthur Casas to design an innovative store that would change the way their clients approach the world of wine. Featuring a boldly fashioned series of spaces—from the tasting room, interactive gallery and reading room to the cellar, storage and sales—the São Paulo boutique showcases a forward-thinking display certain to attract the interests of new clients and connoisseurs alike. For example, a curved room reveals a path where discreet spaces appear gradually in a minimalistic setting, while bottles are placed in ways that highlight visitors’ sensorial perceptions of wine through vision and touch. A unique feature is the interactive tasting area (see below), where the bottle of wine on display becomes something like a cursor, so that as one twists it, information including location, interviews with producers, and notations are digitally projected onto the table. Although most of Mistral’s sales are done online, the store is a way to showcase the company’s passion for the craft and has already lured a number of visitors to take a look. As Brazil continues to step into the international spotlight, Mistral hopes to become a must-see in São Paulo.