Last-Minute Holiday Gift: Caviar From an ATM

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From pizza to cupcakes to sportscars, there seems to be almost nothing one can’t order from the modern vending machine. So, in an effort to accommodate their discerning clients, Beverly Hills Caviar—a luxury food supplier that usually operates on an appointment-only basis—has placed “Caviar ATMs” throughout select malls in the Los Angeles area. The machines’ 24-hour offerings range from the $30-per-ounce American Black Caviar to the Imperial River Beluga at $500 an ounce. (The ATMs even provide salmon caviar for the canine or feline with a particular palate.) The devices’ technology monitors temperature, lighting, moisture and oxygen levels, allowing fresh caviar to last up to three hours from the time of purchase to the moment of consumption or refrigeration. And apart from the title delicacy, the machine also offers escargot, black truffles, white truffle oil, blinis, bottarga and premium salts. Of course, Beverly Hills Caviar recognizes the importance of presentation, so they have also provided mother-of-pearl spoons and dishes for purchase. Perfect for that last-minute holiday gift.

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