A mesmerizing jellyfish Aquarium in portland airport

Busy travelers at the Portland International Airport will be able to catch a breather as they pause before Sayuri Sasaki Hemann’s Urban Aquarium, an eye-catching installation that reimagines floating jellyfish in a tank. The multi-disciplinary artist’s love for the sea, new experiences and the unexpected led to the creation of the work, an ongoing project that began in 2009 and has appeared in various locations throughout the city. Growing up between Japan, Australia and Romania, Hemann was frequently placed in new environments, and her work often investigates the context of displacement. To make for a lifelike interpretation, Hemann fashions the jellyfish from organza, a sheer fabric traditionally made of silk, and then suspends the creatures from the ceiling with wire. The result is a magical sense of grace and tranquility within a bustling environment.