Vault magazine defines The Art of Being Social: what we wear, eat, talk about, and how we entertain. Created by events leader and restaurateur Barton G., it is a celebration of Innovation, Inspiration and Imagination.

Vault is here to unlock the secrets shared by the heiress and the gigolo, the star and the artist, the mogul and the con man. They know surprise and innovation are essential in society, and in these pages you will encounter a heady mix: high fashion and high concepts, breezy intellectualism and serious frivolity. It’s about knowing how to attend a party as well a throw one.

Trailblazers and icons co-exist easily here. Vault introduces you to new ideas and people, designers and dreamers making their mark on the 21st century. But you will also meet the legends, the ones who created the rules that are now etched in gold.

Everything in Vault is calculated to inspire, tickling both the intellect and the senses. Our world is sensual, smart, often exotic and always glamorous.

Vault is published by Barton G. Weiss, one of the most sought-after event designers in the United States. The founder and CEO of Miami-based Barton G., he has created nearly 20,000 events in his two-decade career. His clients range from Fortune 500 companies and international sporting events to socialites, celebrities and philanthropists. Weiss also operates the restaurants Barton G. and Prelude by Barton G., as well as the hotel The Villa by Barton G., housed in the former mansion of Gianni Versace in Miami.

Vault’s editorial director is Glenn Albin, who began his career working for Andy Warhol’s media enterprises, ultimately becoming managing editor of Interview. He later became editor in chief of Miami’s Ocean Drive and its portfolio of magazines, including Vegas, Art Basel Miami Beach, Atlanta Peach and Trump.

Vault’s executive editor is Eric Newill, who held a top editorial position at Ocean Drive for 15 years. The fashion director is Danny Santiago, whose credits include the Sex and the City television show and films. Contributors include acclaimed artists such as Christopher Makos, Roxanne Lowit, Tama Janowitz and Simon Doonan.